A Smooch from the Devil

I look up to your figure,
Sending the chills,
So beautiful,
Then you caught me between your hands.

I have no choice but to hold your palms,
Cause the maze I’m seeing in your eyes gonna send me insane.

I’m in complete awe for you,
And you suffocate me with your kisses,
Clawing me with your nails,
You’re a devil,
And you grab my head to suck my soul off my lips.
You kiss me hard hard I can’t even differ night and days,
I’m in endless ectasy,
You pin me hurtful, shoulder up in my head, smothering me, ending my breath,
I’d die happily.
You burn my skin with your mark,
And I carve you precious.
And I call you the Devil between my whisper,
And I flee from your burning skin,
And I still find my way to you.

I was told to kill roses

They will lure you, trick you, under this mesmerizing blindfold that all is red under your eyelid.

They sneak you a heavenly sensation from your nose sensory, with the great odor called the smell of rose that will make you intoxicated,

Will make you lose sobriety,

Will make you want,

And you’re an animal with some want,

And they will pierce you with its tiny fragile branch and they will make you seem so tall and helpless.

Oh trust me when I was told I should kill roses I agree so quickly that my vision blurred of how quick I nod,

And I have to.

As I drag my scythe I tore the first rose I could find but I feel like dragging the scythe to my neck,

And I was told to kill roses,

And it also tore my insides,

I was told to kill roses,

Yet it also keeps me alive, no matter how terrified I am with this order,

I was told to kill roses,

And finding myself like an insect losing its home.

In World

I curl as I see your eyes behind my eyelid,
Making as if you’re next to me to hold.
I shake my head as I think you’re in front of me, your nose nudging me,
As I went to those lips,
Those lips that I’ve in my mind each day, since that day when you cruelly curse me with your touch,
When you cast me into the spell of your chest,
And those whispering in my ears really talking about you only.
And we might part one day.
You might gone one day.
Thus I long to hug you
To hug the body that’s been on my mind,
The one that breath your lungs,
One long hug that end up either with eternity
or simply just thankful feeling.

Kiss on the Rubmle

It’s like the time when you try to look back, when your body ache,
The time when you miss a step,
Like the time when you think it meant for your palms, while it’s never meant to be.
As I stand to put all my weight to you,
The most close to your ears when I whisper I love you,
I can feel it falling apart.
That our world falling apart,
And our hands steadily stay still,
Our eyes looking ill,
Your lips feeling numb,
And it’s the time when you grab my head.
Stealing my kiss as everything blowing apart.

Last Eternity

You and I lives in eternity.
Souls knocking on our door and you hold me warm.
You were meant to steal their breeze,
Turning me hot with your warm pores.
You and I lives in the last galaxy,
Where I read into your eyes when the air refusing to send our voice for the night,
And I tried to scream how much I miss our home.
You hold me and you drag me and you kiss me and you tie me,
You hold me and you bite me,
How much we miss our home.
Somewhere, someplace as they call nothingness.
And I tie my body to yours,
Marking your skin with mine,
Carving you with my mark.

Someday Someone Will Want to Cling to Your Palms

And for today we are going to lay.
Today we are going to lay, down and even lower.
We get quiet, staring at translucent ball out there,
Where it is indeed actually a secret part of something called future,
Someday someone will want to cling to your palm.

And I talk in really high pitch,
Rambling that we’re feeling cold,
And down,
Someday someone will want to cling to my palm.

Today we communicate rushly,
What we look is an angry soul,
Red maybe,
And we we keep laying, keep feeling cold :
Someday, no later in the future, someone will want to cling to our palm.

Encounter in the Cold

I wish she’ll left her tumblr. Or her pencil case. Or her pen : anything that allows me to chase her, talk to her. I think I saw our future as she glance into me. I’m a foolish man when it’s about dream. I talk to her in my dream, I ask for her name in the dream. I make her laugh, I make her look into me. I walk with her to the door, out to the crosswalk and cold concrete, in cold rain where we started to hold our hand dearly warm. She gives me that glance again, and I know this is the right time to warm her cold lips. As I smile to her, I look back into that glance, I put my hand on her plump cheek and I kiss her. I kiss her and there only be happy ending for us. I’m a foolish man when it’s about dream.

What is it Inside the Head of Murderer

I was wondering what you’ll ask me,
About me.
About the last story I end,
That one last song I let her to listen.
Cause you gotta pass at least one killer in your life.
Or twice.
Or thrice,
More ever than that,
And you gotta wonder
Gonna chase..
And I’d love to know what you’ll ask me.

The Cheerful Morning

I’m in the nostalgic rhythm,
Where your lips on mine, when the sky reachable and cold, and where the stars stops to be the brightest.
I know where to touch you and I’m grinning so wide.
I keep keeping my finger on your skin.
You are real as I reach my hand into the dream,
Also feel the glow in the little dream I’ve always chasing.

And the world gonna wait for me,
The time gonna freeze to me,
I’ll still be tiny, later I’ll feel the biggest,
And I keep drowning myself into the airless room.
Where it is the light after my eyes,
When it is her I’ll be waking up to,
I’ll still be grinning ears to ears,¬†waking up to you.

Rose Red Blood

Next to the sitting human bones,
Above the soil floor,
Lays beautifully the red red petals,
As red as the skin of your crying eyes.

Next to your hope and your wishful thinking,
Just below the stark full moon and its redness,
I saw her bath in those Red Rose Petals.
I told her, ‘come and join me for the dinner.’
She says, ‘I gotta keep throwing the petals,
All the petals,
All the redness, and I only got to stop when the bones turning into ashes,’
And she did.
She did not going to the dinner,
Keep throwing in the river of Red Rose Petal,
She keep looking enchanting between her cries,
And she burning the bones into ashes.