My Art of Killing – adult only

I take pictures of dead bodies but no one realize it. My art is special, I only take the part of their dead hands doing thumbs up, or peace sign, or fuck off sign in, and their background would be the place where I killed them.

It’s so much fun, as their stiffening hands form unmovable poses, as their rotting body spread a sickening odor, as their blood wont bleed anymore everytime I stab it, I would took angles which making the most beautiful photograph style ever.

Like my favorite, I make a beautiful sunset scenery  considered ugly because of my dead hands, my dead hand forming an U right beside that circle sun, making a perfect dick with a glowing ball. No one would see its bone and red flesh, simply because I zoom at the best place.

God, the feeling of having people liking and complimenting such illegal things is so thrilling. I can feel my blood stirring in thrill, it’s a sensation that I can’t  get enough. I am itching to kill again.

I swear, I am not a psychopath. My reason to kill is simple, I just loove it. Call me insane all you want. I might try to build some horse figure in Lego and I will addicted, I won’t ever stop on my horse figure. Its just I’ve never try it before, I don’t have a reason to be addicted. You still calling me insane, let me tell you this, You are not a saint, you just never kill someone yet, you are not addicted YET.


13 thoughts on “My Art of Killing – adult only

  1. Dark and strangely compelling. Reminds me of a King’s X song “Open My Eyes”
    What does it take to get to the point
    Where you want to kill someone
    Where is that place
    That line you have to cross
    When you want to kill someone
    Open my eyes


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