Individuals I Find Agreeable

Human walking and their masks,
laughing and their waste,
You spot colors then distaste,
later Treatments
Us spot love(s) then disgust,
All hail our eyes,
The supreme ruler

Let us classify,
Human A and Human B,
Asshole A and Asshole B,
Oppose in only one condition,
You spot a thing making you soft,
An agreement.

Agreed with my brother,
A honest Man, got pissed when he have to, a little sister smashed him,
He smashed her back, a true honesty
None able judge him, as he listen to none judge,
A marvellous non-mask face he has.
Agreed with best mates,
Looting my foods,
A fact I am able to loot theirs,
Swearing and drawing each other’s faces
A true justice I agreed on,
Agreed with lover,
Both insist ‘no’ to many things,
A proof for next argument,
An activity we both enjoy

Then you come to me and disagree my agreement, pointing my color and brain, taste of orientation whatsoever
I come to you to not agree your agreement,
Look back to OUR classification,
Human A and Human B
Asshole A and Asshole B


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