White Flag Up

Seeing my parents get mad at each other,
Vase flying near my Mom’s ear,
Such a red colored face, belongs to my dad.
I laugh anyway.

I go out and step on a mud,
A no-lifer jackass pointing his finger,
I walk away and the ‘big kids’ come out.
They kick me, laughing at how ugly I am,
how stupid I am,
how I am being a disgrace,
Right when my crush passes.
I kick and run,
A big miracle if she say ‘Yes’ to me.

My city is corrupted.
Myself as the lamb, My City as the slaughterer.
I can’t buy a shoe and walk away,My money is not worth those much freedom
All I see only repetitive things,
Fights, jackass, bully, brokenhearted, A corrupt city,
But I laugh anyway.

Time heals, I don’t know when and where,
I’ll laugh anyway,
Why the hell am I not laughing from now.


3 thoughts on “White Flag Up

    1. noo, it’s totally fiction^^ did you know the song Something I Can Hold in My Hands by The Smith Street Band? They’re my favorite band so I think I’ll write something about it^^ thanks for your concern

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