Month: September 2015

Running Naked

You’re so tired and done,
Logic keep tingling and calming you, just take a nice bath.
Then you see your reflection on the bathroom,
Your bareskin
Thin skin exposing collar bone
With a tired face and eye bags
You are naked
And powerless
The bad news is
That is the real you
Easily getting soaked

So you cry

What else can you do.


Divide Me

© the reclining gentleman
© the reclining gentleman




Those words, who ever thought that as a divider?

Unwanted and wanted, mighty and slave, garbage disposal. Because I need to be sure, watching a drowning baby on the river aren’t cruel at all.

Because, unwanted things better go to the unwanted zone.

Because, when your drunken father made love with you, your baby born in unwanted shape.

When you outnumbered, they did the what the drunken father did, then they grouped your baby as the unwanted.

Hand reaching the railing, foot stepping it, hand expanding, balancing, crying and feeling the breeze : I’m joining the unwanted zone.

Written for another fun weekly prompt by Rochelle. Join the 100 word awesome flash.

P.S. photo by the reclining gentleman


I can see a lustful spirit across my bed.

And this is a dream about its actual body.

Looking down, its fist on its cheek, crying.

Then it realize my existence, on a small room, looking at my eyes but then those eyes turned Red,


Blowing up,

Eyes blasting along with its body.

Wind roughly blowing my long hair.

His remains of flesh moving, a pale white body forming.

I can do nothing but falling in love.


Read A Ghostly Love In case those sentences haunting you ;;)

A Ghostly Love

You are quite, white, and cold.
You are scrawling and you are a ghost.
I know where you usually sits,
It’s on the corner, I know you stares at me from the corner.
Accept your reality please,

You are a bodiless pale creature.

I know you only eats sweet things,
How is it you have a thin body.
Kiss my lips,
Kiss it
Kiss it as rough as you can,
So I can feel the transparent body of yours.
Oh I love you though you have the minimum opacity
I love you no matter how black and white you were.
Don’t be shy or terrified,
You have experienced death, aren’t you?
Prepare for a Ghost-Human love story.

Conversation with a Masochist

‘Which one do you prefer, a loving-ship or a hurting love?’
‘Perhaps you likes punch better than gentle carreses’
‘You like being tied, right?’
‘You like it hurt, right.’
‘Did you also love meaningless words?’
‘How about lies?’

‘Then I really wanted to be you.’

Everybody Got Time for Sketch

Was that crazy when I thought, ‘who cares about assessment(s) and competition deadline, I’ll just spent my precious time to sketch.’

So here’s my sin to my own Thursday.

random activity in front of an old building
random scenery in front of an old building

like that’s not wasting time enough, I got another sketch

The stair in the old building
The stair in the old building

My senses back when I drew this sketch. I got a panic streak and I hurrily went to did my deadlines. Haven’t add details and rendered the sketch. Well, at least sketching is fun.


Who decided to censor real blood on a steamy river,
What if no one accepted the censor,
Why don’t we censor hands or mouth instead.
How come a sinner have pixels on its face,
Since when we decided to hide things that already happened,
Yes, let’s censor all awful things.
Pixelate, all, blur.
Bad things let’s blur
Go away, your face.
Cast away, you evil form
A sinful existence, censored.