Have You Ever Seen this Kind of Smile

Water was flown for a minute,

Another Water formed in happines,

such a beautiful moment.

the Water appeared five times a day,

a confusion blower,

but Another Water will not formed in sadness, it choosed to not appear.

Another Water tought the  confusion is a miracle from another world.

years flown, the Water never shown as main character anymore,

it was poor, missed but

the Water would suddenly appeared and stroke those awful feelings, saying,

“never worry about me.”

another years flown,  the Water is something judgemental,

the Water means weakness,

it was hated, but Another Water would always says, “You are my most beautiful.”

years, years years later

the Water becoming present,

now it is hiding in dignity

the Water never a symbol of shame anymore,

never a symbol of limpness anymore

the Water decides to meet Another Water, telling,

“Hey, thank you that you are strong,” or,

“Your existence only and I already owe you,” or,

“Your examples forever carved in me,”

“Lean on me from now,”

The tears now flown in grateful feeling,

years before such a maturing adventure for them,

None of you should ask about their loving feeling in them,

between the Daughter and The Mother.


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