Rivalry Inside

We are the only walking things on this sphere,

Making vertical axis of our million steps.

We have been walking together, only we have an opposite direction

You are so white, ray of sun falling on you, shadow is something kneeling on your feet.

Protect your eyes, isn’t it really hard to have bright shine on something as white as yourself?

You are so dark.

We have never talk to each other, those once-in-years we accidentally met, we kept our eyes straight,

How about  we shouting each other’s name?

Or am I too black for you to call

Did you hate my existence already, only because I absorbs light to never shine around me?

You are too dark.

Isn’t it cruel to have me as something to hate,

I can always listen your whisper to the sphere,

‘don’t ignore that Black,’

‘you are too good to have that Black,’

watch my tears and know this already, my bitter action is something to make the Sphere stronger.

Please tell the Sphere to accept me already, tell it to not hysterical when I decides to appear

Please you look at my eyes that once-in-years we accidentally meet, hug me and let my body become one with you, accept me and we are going to be blend as Gray,

isn’t it tiring for your lover Sphere to hating me, a walking thing inside itself?


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