Talking With the Strongest Man

Look at that strongest man walking, look at how bony his hand is, look at how vigorous his toes is, look at me, the deadliest man.

Shut your thought, as I shatter every people’s cocky minds, shatter and destroy their limbs

Look at people bowing their weak head onto my impressive chest, mumbling how great I am.

So rowdy, that’s my daily life as the strongest man.

A blind girl challenge me a combat today, screaming his-beaten-by-me-father, today.

I laugh at the blind girl’s face, mocking how dark her vision is,

how black her hair is,

then she tries to slap my shoulder, I don’t even try to dodge it,

Her weakness beyond any joke I can found.

Later she poke my other shoulder,

Our foot kick, shaping a cool X,

Flip our body, facing the vast sky.

Hand meet other hand,

Palm push other abdomen,

A good battle,

I win easily.

her open neck, I will broke her open neck,

her blind eyes look up to my face,

my moral kick in,

I didn’t do what I had to,

she stab my eyes.

Suddenly all my shoulder, my hand, foot feels like about to blow, she said, ‘I am the strongest.’

‘I am the master of blind combat,’

‘My suhu taught me how to be blind,’

‘You are a joke.’

Hand reaching her foot, swallowing my pride, ‘teach me be the strongest,’ begging her.


34 thoughts on “Talking With the Strongest Man

  1. I loved it ❤ I also wanted to say thanks for following my site. It is such an honor for me to be able to be connected with such a wonderful writer like you 🙂 I have lots to learn from you and I will be looking forward to reading more of your pieces.


    1. That’s true though I didn’t think that much when I wrote it. I simply wanted to have a story with a twist, glad that it provoke your other thought :)) ps. really liked your mask poetry, like its very vivid, deep and amazingly true.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was rude. Sorry. I’m in awful mood. Though the only Opelia I know was Caesar’s prostitute and Juxtaposing my death with a random prostitute’s death pissed me off, I shouldn’t bring that back to your Mum. Big apologize.


      2. I thought you were kidding so I joked back,
        Rest assured, I was referring to Shakespeare’s hamlets mad Ophelia
        And had no clue about Caesers prostitute,
        A misunderstanding
        But all’s well that ends well.


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