After the Window

Momma always tells me, “never open the window in the attic, or row of crows would be panic.” I don’t understand what does she meant by that. So when I was 4 years old I went to the attic and open the window. I jumped and reached the window. When I opened the attic window, I hate Momma because she lied. There wasn’t crows there, I only saw sky. I was dissapointed because there was no any secret in it.

I am eight now, I think I will open the window again. I don’t know, I just wanted to. So I sneak to the attic and open the window, I think I finally understand what Momma said now. The window showing me the same sky like I saw 4 years ago, and belom them there is a corpse, perhaps that was my missing dad, and the shocked crows stop eating his body, fly and fly away to wherever they want.


being tall isn’t that good.


7 thoughts on “After the Window

    1. oh yeah, I forgot, I already replied you on my most memorable chair but seems like I deleted it before you read it. I always deletes posts that I don’t really like you know. I already scammed rules of concord and perhaps its the rows of crow was the glitch?? Big thanks for your tips!! :DD

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