Running Naked

You’re so tired and done,
Logic keep tingling and calming you, just take a nice bath.
Then you see your reflection on the bathroom,
Your bareskin
Thin skin exposing collar bone
With a tired face and eye bags
You are naked
And powerless
The bad news is
That is the real you
Easily getting soaked

So you cry

What else can you do.


23 thoughts on “Running Naked

  1. There’s plenty you can do, depends on where you live. I have literally while younger ran naked on a dare. It was night time and with the right person to dare me. The imagery is there and there are plenty of people doing things while bare 😉


      1. You’re welcome 🙂 I saw in comments earlier where you are from, perhaps originally. By the way your gravatar pic is adorable. Your writing is an interesting theme against your pic as being more worldly. Very clever.


      2. You’re welcome and you look so young. I started very early and gave it up for a long time and I am just getting back to it 🙂


      3. I know you said that. I wrote in elementary school and had a play performed by my school, wrote in hs and college but I was an athlete and other things.


      4. Haha, you’re more mature than me 😀 I always told that I’m going to be a doctor one day, and I studied a lot for that. I even be the delegation of many chemistry competition back then lol I just realized I don’t want that all when deciding uni. I just started drawing since uni and just started writing 2 month ago. You’re right, you can’t ever away from things you actually like ;;)

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      5. Well I also was born into horse racing. I was writing my own tip sheets before I was ten, setting workouts for horses by 12 and an assistant vet by 16. I could not bare seeing an animal put down. I am still somewhat involved in horse racing. I plan to go back into horse training as when I multi task and have passion I can do a lot. I have had days here I would write 5 posts in ten minutes on 5 completely different subjects and ways of writing. This weekend for me is both Halloween but the biggest day of horse racing. Yet I will still write. Certain things get under your skin and like you suggested you can’t get away from certain things. I may have missed it as someone writing a comment in error and I think he misunderstood your saying the word mate, where that person assumed you were married. I have Australian friends and they have people think that a lot.


      6. Cool, you’re so lucky that you’ve been doing things you actually like since you were soo young. 😀 not feeling awful about mine though, at least I can count to three lol.
        Haha, he must be indonesian, and a terrible english speaker. Most indonesian not speak english at all ;;)

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      7. He did mention that you’re Indonesian and yes it seemed he was mistaken by your use of the word mate. LOL. Do you still live in Indonesia?


      8. Yes I am I am in NY. Do you already have your undergraduate degree or about to? You look so young and the cute cartoon on your Gravatar would make you seem younger if I were not to have read your writings.

        I am Paul by the way.


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