Month: October 2015

It’s in Detail

A carat of happiness exist inside a sprite can.
Exploding bubbles with extraordinary sweet-sour taste is much fun to drink.

High level of happiness exist inside bottle of shampoo.
We’re so amazing to afford one and we also feeling clean with it, shampoo is kind.

Happiness also happen when you win competition after you trying so hard.
Filling your wallet with your own money felt like an adult.

Actually, happiness also when we’re walking.
Because it means we’re sane enough, healthy enough to walk.

Even happiness exist in misery
The optimistic feeling of, “this is going to pass,” is an ultimate form of happiness.

Failing, betrayed, peniless, loneliness, useless, aren’t  that also a form of happiness?
Ultimate ticket of shouldn’t worry about annoying things anymore,
Sign of a full restart,
Sign of something isn’t worth our trying self.

Oh, it seems like being alive is happiness.
Awful food, instead of not eating.
Feeling, instead of soil smell.
Trying, instead of not knowing.
Old, instead of rot.
Betrayed, instead of no interaction.

Seems like being alive is the ultimate peak of happiness.


Who Knows

You gonna hit me, dad.
You gonna beat me till I puke weird-looking fluid,
Cause you never feed me something to puke, dad.

Someone ask me,
“How are ya.”
“Me’s great.”
Cause what you’re asking is something I used to.
Beaten and beaten
Hiding and hiding,
Give me some cash to buy another bleedless clothes.

Blue, black, purple,
Not gonna worry cause I just gonna go spent 3 minutes and it’s all gonna covered.
Not gonna worry, cause I was born for this.
I’m only good cause no one try pull my clothes.

Silent kid on the corner tell the teacher that I don’t look good,
No he don’t,
He don’t know,
Cause I’m always happy, just a bit sappy.
Cause I always cover it.

Unseen Destructor

As the yellow texture of the playful round moon
Coming 100000 km closer to our home
And every head looking up to the sky, something they haven’t glance for quite a while,
They all seeing a giant quantity of beauty,
They all surrounded by a friendly orange light,
And they feel like gravity has been deceiving them all,
For hiding such a mesmerizing portrait.
And as the tidal wave raises,
As the earthquake spreading like a parasite,
As the mad sun feeling betrayed by the orbital change,
I’m starting to wonder,
Is it worth it to be crushed by something this beautiful,
Killing with dim yellow light,
This monument of awe and hope crusher,
Strangling with a swan feather,
Dizzy steps,
Mass murderer,
Broken bridge,
Destruct beautifully,
And I’m around debris, below a magnified beauty,
Will it ever worth it.

Familiar Feeling

I can see you every Monday at 11.
I’ll always be waiting on the platform to have the exact same train with you,
And I’ll accidentally touch your long hair,
I’ll have a thread and I’ll decor my diary with it.

On Wednesday 8, you’ll always be with your coffee and bring tons of boxes,
I’ll always save you so I sit on this train since 6 and I’ll offer my seat to you,
Could it be love?
Because all I dreamed about is your talking hair,
Pampering me with a shallow touch,
And I’ll always drown in those dreams,
Then I’ll always wake up feeling beautiful,
Very meaningful.

When I met you at a market,
I dropped my groceries around your foot,
And you kindly helped me with it,
This accidentally touching hands,
2 seconds of eye contact and I asked,
“Do I feel familiar?”
Your disbelief and treason feeling,
Your distance of fear as I explained how mesmerizing your hair were,

a broken and betrayed heart,
A heart with the need of move on,
So I come to your sleep and I cut your hair pixie.
I cut it and I bald your hair off
I cut it so we both fall into endless pain.
I’m saying goodbye so you can stop stalking my mind.

Simplest Answer

A man giving me a simple Yes/No question. He said he is kind enough to made me choose, because what he asked me is, “Would you die for your loved ones.”
Having a gun scratching your head feel so much different than watching it on TV. Every single touch from the gun making you feeling closer to death. Making you hope he won’t accidentally pull the trigger. It even making you pray, because your instinct telling you, the bullet will crush your head mercilessly, it’ll stab your head roughly that your back won’t be able to support the loud hit on your head. You’ll feel friction between concrete floor and your leg, not to mention I might see pieces of my brain, I feel sweat dripping my head, back and chest, and I have never feel my heart and lungs thumping this fast. And the man whom pointing his gun repeating his question, “WOULD YOU die for your loved ones?”
By loved ones he meant Ellie and and
My 3 yo daughter, Maxine. No way I’ll let them dead, I love them more than words can say and I’m willing to die for them. It’s only this guy that going to be dead.
“Why A-are you going to kill Ellie and Max?”
He stab his gun dangerously, “because someone would like to know, are you still worth a boyfriend or not.”
“Sam sent you!?”
“Would you die for your loved ones?”
Actually, I cheated on Ellie with Sam. Actually, I also love her, that clingy psychopath funny bitch.
I love Sam, but killing my own daughter and wife just to be with her?
“No-nonsense. Let me call her!”
“Would you or would you not die for your loved ones.”
I glance onto this hitman. Big, steroid-user body, sweaty, big bread, tan skin, tall body.
“Please, I just, I just…”
His gun run a milimeter more deep than before. I think I finnaly know where my brain located now. This is the only chance, I have to kick his hand and shoo away the gun, but.
“You would?”
But on the second thought. Them both are annoying. Maxine, because she always throw her food and eating blocks of lego instead. Ellie, because she hates coffee. After I’m back home, I always found them rambling nonsense to my tired ear. “Dad I found a cat so I’ll keep it forever.”
“Honey, we need to go to my dad’s home.”
I love them, but does that mean that they any less annoying? Since when did they became a peace on this tired heart and, does that mean I have to die for them, aren’t everything they do only pisses me off?
Seems like having a gun pointing right to your vein making also making you find excuses to live, so, “Would you die for your loved ones?” The answer is no.


I just want to be a painting.
And I’ll have eyes of a painter falling in love with me, shaping my self from nothingness, worshipping me, dwelling into me.
I just want to be a painting,
Like a paper violated by paint, feeling euphoria of having a company, unable to whisper of its grateful feeling.
Like a brush meeting water, feeling coldness into the pores, warmed and stares of amazement, dim light, a contrast clean white wall, moving nothing, as kind-hearted being, and I’ll always be amazing, I just want to be a painting.

Not a Moment to Sleep

Black atmosphere upon billions of heads,
Tiny stars shimmering on it,
Millions murmuring dreams below it,
What a cold cozy midnight,
It is not a good time to sleep.

Because the universe is too beautiful,
So does that rows of trees,
And you are sitting right beside me,
And the falling hot coffee,
Indeed it is an artsy night,
Every beautiful thing making sense,
Such a bad moment to go to sleep.