Narcissism Letter

I’m about to scream “THIEF!” but then I can see her ridiculously beautiful face. Rather than screaming the awful thing she is doing, I catch her hand and guide her below a tree.

She is angry

Her pride as a thief shattered

I preach her, “You can’t. You’re too beautiful to be an awful person.”

She starts struggling and kicking but I am stronger. So I take her to my home, you can’t let a  beautiful maiden astray in thiefing path.

I’m taming her everyday.

I’m praying for her.

I show her normal life.

And I also fell on my knee everyday, “would you like to marry me?”

Each rejection making me feeling closer to her, until this day she cut my cheek so deep, I can feel blood dripping my gum. She say, “how can I Show you that I don’t love you and I’ll always be a thief?”

I can see her taking my precious chest with her, but I know it is so hard for her to leave, because I swear I can hear her sobbing as she leaving my door.


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