Unseen Destructor

As the yellow texture of the playful round moon
Coming 100000 km closer to our home
And every head looking up to the sky, something they haven’t glance for quite a while,
They all seeing a giant quantity of beauty,
They all surrounded by a friendly orange light,
And they feel like gravity has been deceiving them all,
For hiding such a mesmerizing portrait.
And as the tidal wave raises,
As the earthquake spreading like a parasite,
As the mad sun feeling betrayed by the orbital change,
I’m starting to wonder,
Is it worth it to be crushed by something this beautiful,
Killing with dim yellow light,
This monument of awe and hope crusher,
Strangling with a swan feather,
Dizzy steps,
Mass murderer,
Broken bridge,
Destruct beautifully,
And I’m around debris, below a magnified beauty,
Will it ever worth it.


9 thoughts on “Unseen Destructor

  1. Reading through your works and falling in love with how you structure each line, the way you choose verb tenses to intensify the impact, and your striking diction throughout. This is wonderful and poignant writing with authentic grit.

    Liked by 1 person

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