It’s in Detail

A carat of happiness exist inside a sprite can.
Exploding bubbles with extraordinary sweet-sour taste is much fun to drink.

High level of happiness exist inside bottle of shampoo.
We’re so amazing to afford one and we also feeling clean with it, shampoo is kind.

Happiness also happen when you win competition after you trying so hard.
Filling your wallet with your own money felt like an adult.

Actually, happiness also when we’re walking.
Because it means we’re sane enough, healthy enough to walk.

Even happiness exist in misery
The optimistic feeling of, “this is going to pass,” is an ultimate form of happiness.

Failing, betrayed, peniless, loneliness, useless, aren’t  that also a form of happiness?
Ultimate ticket of shouldn’t worry about annoying things anymore,
Sign of a full restart,
Sign of something isn’t worth our trying self.

Oh, it seems like being alive is happiness.
Awful food, instead of not eating.
Feeling, instead of soil smell.
Trying, instead of not knowing.
Old, instead of rot.
Betrayed, instead of no interaction.

Seems like being alive is the ultimate peak of happiness.


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