I have two monsters sealed inside of me.
The First bathe in greed,
and The Second is a total coward with a horrible lazy face.
As the first gnawing in total gluttony,
The second would always sleep with a loud snore.
And me as the vessel looking to a calm distance.
And me, the vessel, having a calm smiling.

As the first monster pointing everyone’s eyes,
The second preparing for a regret feeling.
And the first saving itself, accusing, hissing while cursing.
And the second thinking the best way to run.
And me as the vessel sitting on a chair.

A battle happen between the two monsters,

The first eating the second monster
And the second injecting toxin into the first’s vein
Who to control such greediness and cowardness now,
And me as the vessel being alone.
And me as the vessel sipping hot chocolate.


14 thoughts on “Double

  1. Wow you are so good. You should be famous. I cannot tell you how much your words mean to me. You are by far my favorite poet that I have seen on this page. If you had a book, I would buy it.
    I wrote something like “Double” called “I Am The Ocean” on my blog. The feeling of a battle inside of you and having to keep composure on the surface is just torture. I wish I could voice my feelings as well as you do.


    1. Whoa yes I think we kinda have the similar POV. You portrait things that actually happen in unbelievable words. I really like that, some of your slice of life poetry inspire some poems on me haha. I even think you’re more poetic than me. Great job! And thanks for the complimenting comments, I’m shy now, mostly appreciated! πŸ˜€


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