This is Addiction

My vein throb me the sensation of this, This is dizziness,
This is lightness.
Oh I can’t handle that pulsation,
All tricking me, making me think I’m walking straightly.

My anger is forgotten,
My worries folding,
My happiness,
They are quivering,
Now this is a sensation,
Cause what I feel is a good oblivion.

My chappy lips,
My blindfolded eyes,
This blindness means euphoria.
Seeing with my skin,
My vein pulsating,
I am pulsation.

I’m saying goodbye to the heavenly sensory,
This is a deceitful pulsation,
This is a sensory, this is a body that going to be dead so
I’m saying goodbye to the heavenly sensory,

Eyes closing,
This is pulsation,
This is earthquake,
This cold sweat.

Eyes closing,
This is ice, not blood, eyes closing,
This is fire,
Not body.

This is a hurtful signal to stop so I step out of my bed,

I took back my heavenly pulsation,
I’m back pulsating,
I’ll make it up, you watch me,
I’ll stop it all,
You know me,
I’ll throw it all tomorrow,
I’ll detox it all,


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