Month: February 2016

Girl, Call

They call me red because the red light ignites my body.
or because red means stop – no access over there.

They call me black because it is the color of sin.
Also, I live on every dark alley,
on the road full of lust-
Full of animal desire-
I exhibit my red heels,
This dark dirty road is my catwalk,
eyes of the lonely witnessing my elegance,

They call me skank-
I’m just accompany of loneliness,
I’m just a momentary happiness,
They call me slut-
I’m just man’s ally.
I’m just looking for food,
They call me bitch-
I’m just so good at pleasuring you,
I’m just lonely, insecure.
They call me angel,
praising how kind-hearted my soul is,
I always there, ending their misery,
They call me beautiful,
something they can’t ever have,
They praise me because I accompany them,
and I call myself nothing.

I call myself nothing.