Month: March 2016

All I Ever Needed was Something I Could Hold in My Hands

Its marble eyes shining like the moon.

Its lips flamed like scarlet wine,

And its hair, those golden threads, flying beautifully around the soft air.


All I ever did was hold on to it.

I held it with all my might on my bed, also my between my dinner,

I held it all the time I was growing up back then,

All I ever felt was another form of love around it.


One day it was gone from my two useless hand.

Those holding gesture immediately changed,

My hands were frantically looking for that weirdly precious thing.

It was lost, my hands facing towards the floor that day,

I was a spiritless being.


I grew up as a woman with hands facing the floor.

But your hand slyly held my useless hand tightly,

Like you would never let it go.


Her scarlet wine-like flamed lips, I wanted to kiss it.

Her marble eyes, I wanted to live by it,

I would do all that while feeling her warmth inside my grasp.


“What a magical thing you were,

The very hair of her,” I thought.

“You made this facing-floor-hands turn upward,

You made my hand reaching her ear,

Facing the vast blue-ish sky.”


And like usual, things I hold in my hands were gone.

Was it lost in parallel universe, I thought,

Was it lost around my drawer,

Or below my bed, I still don’t know.

Was it lost behind discrimination, I thought.


Was she lost from my mind,

Or the society lost their mind,


Never mind,

I’ll find out once I held this rope out.


Some of the ‘straight people’ argument about gay couple were right, I must admit. But I just can’t understand why should the straight people should ‘guide’ the gay ones by labelling, discrimination even violence.

Anyway the title was a song title by The Smith Street Band, also the simile for lips was something I read on the internet, wasn’t made by me.