Month: April 2016

Instinct, Part 6 : You Are Wrong

Talking about the Obvious

A shoe is dirt, red shoe means elegance.

Legs means hairy, long legs belongs to a well-faced lady.

Living in the world where you’re free to love

The way world wants you to,

‘Have you fulfilled the requirement to be loved?’


I used to think I’ll have one grabbed tightly on my hands

I thought the world would stopped being ugly,

‘Mom, can I love that boy?’

‘Mom, can I love that?’

‘Mom, can I love?’

Look at that beautiful freak over there,

She is mental.

She does satanic deed,


Boy can I tell you how save your bleeding is

Or rather would you bite my lips.

She goes around and beating and getting beaten.’

I also think bird is something free.

You’re not a woman if you’re not able to cook.


The happy lost woman,

What I want is love and blood

“He surely loved her,

he was willing to bleed for her


Sorry beautiful fallen maiden,

I can’t stay any longer,”
“Bear me a little longer,

“I really can’t stay,”

Once I find him,




The Brownish Drink Mommy Usually Sleeps with

Mommy told me Daddy left for a while

I tried to feel sad but I couldn’t,

I like the not-bleeding Mom more.

Mommy said she missed Daddy.

‘Mom, Daddy is an asshole,’

‘Kid, watch your mouth,’

‘The other kids also called me that,’

Yeah sure they liked the girl with the thin body and same clothes.

The whispering tells me, ‘they said it’d be better not to involved with that family,

As they were the lowest of human being,

What a poor kid,

To grow in an environment like that,’

Mommy is the only one that likes me, you see.

I cried in the night because I finally able to feel sad,

My Mom stolen by my new sister.,

I don’t like you, new sister.

Being so tiny,


And Green,

She always sleeps even when she is awake,

‘Mom it’s me,’

‘You damned child, if it weren’t you, he wouldn’t left,’

Mom that is the new sister talking

Whispering whispers into you,

Being cute in front of you,

She is biting you in your sleep,

‘I’m sorry I’m sorry let me pour you the brandy.’

Instinct, Part 5 : Cheap Chopstick

“What are we?” I asked her.

She took her time to put her socks on and guessing, “Narcotic, I guess. Some kind of healthy meth.”

I snorted two seconds of scoff and I nodded, “Yeah, you’re right.”

She was fully dressed.

“I heard about what broke you. Pretty cheap gossip, though I loved to hear it.”
Anything didn’t feel funny for me that time.

“I heard that you had a boy.”

I was feeling so cold that second. I was even afraid that my heart wasn’t beating.

“Sorry that he died-“

I punched her a slap.

Her hair covered her face, her long neck seemed so meaningless,

Her body is on the floor and I was standing, unable to breathe.

Her lips bleeds, yet she laughed and she kissed me.

I said to her, “You are insane, wicked woman, you are a bitch.”
She laughed and she kept sucking my tongue, I could taste metallic-tasted blood around her sucking.

I don’t know why, but that time I thought she was really fragile and thin.

I pushed her, I whispered to her,

“What ruined you?”

I almost thought she was showing a weak expression,

I thought she was feeling pain.

Yet, she persistently kissing me.


I’ve Been Living with a Mad Man/Woman


Honey, we got to clean the house after this,

Yea but maybe later, because I am a hoarder.

Our home flooded with things,

But memories also rolling it out, filling our heart with-

Honey shut up, you’re just a damn crap collector.


Maybe one day you’ll actually leave me

So I’ll just keep the statue of the gone-you

We will only choked by these piles of something in past,

Would you please just shove it all?

Even my bones throbbing out of love whenever I am near you,

You and the world are too meaningful for me to trash you both,

Honey I really need to see the sun

But the last time I saw sun,

I saw its shine on your face.

It is painful to be around you.


You are mad.

I strangely in love with a mad woman.

I’ve always known you as a madman-

Let me dress appropriately today,

I need to look normal so something won’t judge me for knowing you-

Sorry that you accidentally felt affection towards me,

I wanted a kid

I wanted a room to breath,

I want to see the tiles.

I can assure you, something in past told something about that

Well whatever,

Your lips make me wanna kiss something.

Your cold attitude make me wanna warm you,

Yeah because love is divine’s punishment

Only when you were around I’d feel completed

Only when you were away I’d feel my whole body

Maybe we just fucking shut up and memorize


The shining warmth of these useless kisses