The Brownish Drink Mommy Usually Sleeps with

Mommy told me Daddy left for a while

I tried to feel sad but I couldn’t,

I like the not-bleeding Mom more.

Mommy said she missed Daddy.

‘Mom, Daddy is an asshole,’

‘Kid, watch your mouth,’

‘The other kids also called me that,’

Yeah sure they liked the girl with the thin body and same clothes.

The whispering tells me, ‘they said it’d be better not to involved with that family,

As they were the lowest of human being,

What a poor kid,

To grow in an environment like that,’

Mommy is the only one that likes me, you see.

I cried in the night because I finally able to feel sad,

My Mom stolen by my new sister.,

I don’t like you, new sister.

Being so tiny,


And Green,

She always sleeps even when she is awake,

‘Mom it’s me,’

‘You damned child, if it weren’t you, he wouldn’t left,’

Mom that is the new sister talking

Whispering whispers into you,

Being cute in front of you,

She is biting you in your sleep,

‘I’m sorry I’m sorry let me pour you the brandy.’


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