Instinct, Part 6 : You Are Wrong

Talking about the Obvious

A shoe is dirt, red shoe means elegance.

Legs means hairy, long legs belongs to a well-faced lady.

Living in the world where you’re free to love

The way world wants you to,

‘Have you fulfilled the requirement to be loved?’


I used to think I’ll have one grabbed tightly on my hands

I thought the world would stopped being ugly,

‘Mom, can I love that boy?’

‘Mom, can I love that?’

‘Mom, can I love?’

Look at that beautiful freak over there,

She is mental.

She does satanic deed,


Boy can I tell you how save your bleeding is

Or rather would you bite my lips.

She goes around and beating and getting beaten.’

I also think bird is something free.

You’re not a woman if you’re not able to cook.


The happy lost woman,

What I want is love and blood

“He surely loved her,

he was willing to bleed for her


Sorry beautiful fallen maiden,

I can’t stay any longer,”
“Bear me a little longer,

“I really can’t stay,”

Once I find him,




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