Month: October 2016

Alien Above

There is an alien above,
I can’t stop thinking that he’s so similar with me.
I pretend not to feel the burnt on my back,
He always looking at me with such passionate gaze.
I sing anything beautiful, I draw thousands of galaxy, I breath, I think and I fall asleep,

Mildly wishing that he’ll catch me on his mind.

Yet words can never be uttered
Ear to ear,
Never contact eyes to eyes,
Wildy lusting touch and touch
And heat and heat
And palm to palm
And I think it is too far,

Too hopeful.


Worst for Woman

I think that is the worst,
A woman that clearly got beaten into a pulp.
Aren’t she fragile and bony.
How much does it cost for a tissue to wipe the bitterness off her face,
I think this is the worst.

She bring a bit too big luggage with her : I hope she know that everyone will choose her side,
Although what I see in her is only the worst.

My feeling make me walk towards her,
I’m behind her hair and her back,
I gently poke her shoulder and grab her luggage,
‘Miss at least let me help you with this.’

But the luggage is kicking.

I can vaguely hear a damped voice from there, ‘mmm, help!’