Worst for Woman

I think that is the worst,
A woman that clearly got beaten into a pulp.
Aren’t she fragile and bony.
How much does it cost for a tissue to wipe the bitterness off her face,
I think this is the worst.

She bring a bit too big luggage with her : I hope she know that everyone will choose her side,
Although what I see in her is only the worst.

My feeling make me walk towards her,
I’m behind her hair and her back,
I gently poke her shoulder and grab her luggage,
‘Miss at least let me help you with this.’

But the luggage is kicking.

I can vaguely hear a damped voice from there, ‘mmm, help!’


6 thoughts on “Worst for Woman

      1. Aw man, the future should stick to getting you busy in the future and not busy in the present! That’s just not fair 😛 I’m glad you’re striving to get back on a regular basis. I needed some sin in my life again!


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