The Book About You

I read you as a sad book,
The book where I find myself unintentionally crying,
Gasping as I feel sharp pain on my lungs.

I read you as a happy book,
Where I find your smile, your gesture, as warthm shining on my cold cruel world,

Gosh I read you as a scream book,
The book where I feel frustrated,
Where the days I feel you’re existence almost like light,
Nonexistent yet its ray cast through me,
I read you as every word I mumble.


4 thoughts on “The Book About You

    1. I somehow feeling shy that someome quote and even did a review on my poem. But it was beautifully done and I also somehow feel happy reading it. I guess realizing little things like another people can tell you ‘i know what you feel’ can be done in a whole lot distance make me somehow feeling it. And I laughed at the last part where I find you proscastinating :’D Happy new year and wish you a great great day every now and ever ;;)


      1. Haha, yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever really done any kind of in-depth comment on other people’s poems before – at least not where they could read it! But reading your poem just gave me an instant urge to write something myself. It touched on some thoughts I have had the last couple of weeks, but just haven’t known how to express. Your poem really helped give me some words for what I was feeling.
        And I’m glad you felt happy reading it! It was most certainly meant as praise! 🙂

        Hah! I guess procrastination is a bit of a recurrent theme on my blog. It’s a wicked curse!

        Happy new year to you too! Both that big official one, but also all the new years that come with every second 🙂


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