Month: February 2017

As She Is Leaning, Grabbing the Knife

I find blood dripping off her canine as the most fulfilling part of my life
Was it blindness,
Or simply a retarded euphoria,
That I’ll want to touch her nails.
As I find her,
I simply feel like tying her down to my chest, as we’d share warmth and wrath.

And they started to a repeat an anthem that
She is filthy,
Unusual creature made from God’s anger,

I keep finding her as the main character of my story-
As she is leaning, grabbing the knife.

As if my hand being crushed by a warm wave, filled with her joy.

As she is leaning, holding the knife,
As I breathe the last air I breath
As she is leaning, stabbing my dreams, sprawling over my useful want,

I feel like all my sadness just vaporated.

She’s there for all that mattered,
As she is crushing every bit of my vein,
As she mercifully stepping on my head, my thinking :
I find blood dripping her canine as the most fulfilling part of my life.


You Cow

I’d like a moment to hide.

But it is too yellow,

The label on my ear.

I am too fat so that

I can only close my eyes and hope nobody in hell would see me.

‘You coward, go here and die,’ insult him.

I’d like to run but I’m chained,

And if I were able to, someone will track me and drag me and kill me and torture me and hurt my kid and scale me and sllice me

‘You tard, who in the fuck you think you are,’ as he beat my bones.

And so I roll on my floor

And I know that seeing sun is such a luxury,

And I’ve been impregnated too many many time.

I’m just here being down in the slightest hope maybe I’ll remember my sons or daughters for a second

But my knee is what in my head for this second,

My holes and cheast is too much aching that I shed a tear,

‘You cow,’ insult him again, ‘Gonna go and hit you with all my palm, right before you die.’


I simply feel amazed that it’s been almost a year that I went vegan. I’m amazed that it feels just like yesterday, and the fact that it was so easy amazed me. I remember I used to call my friend asking what on earth I will even eat, what if I die, what if I can let go of fucking chocolate. Funnily I eat, I live, and I eat fucking chocolate also. But what amazed me more is how many people tease me and think I’m eating a full cup of politic, I was eating doctrine as I choose to be vegan. The mock me, but I know the state we are living in, and Im happy in mind (and mouth also) that I’m vegan. What a thrilling year!