Certain Disturbances

One. Knock.

Two. Knock.

A third knock and I will get out of my glorified position- knock.

So I open the door, the french ‘con’ of my landlord is on my door. They said that he really loved the narration about french in Titanic movie, so much that he decided to learn french and starting spend much time to act like a french man.

“How can I help you?” I ask him. “It is actually not really appreciated that you’re here.”

“Ah Mr. Jake,” he answered in a fake french accent, “There is a complaint about your room, uhm, the room next to you complained that there is a certain disturbances.”

“What kind of disturbances?”

“Well, as we all know- she is a bit lunatic, don’t you think?” He started to laugh awkwardly, happy but awkwardly, “You don’t keep cats don’t you?”

I just feel like laughing also, “No. Even I am allergic to cats.”

“Dog? Ferret? Hamster? As per our contract, don’t you agree that not even ants pet can be kept?”

“I do agree. Look, this is kind of awkward, I can tell you thousand of time that I don’t have a pet and you’ll just still standing here insisting that I have pet. How about you go and check my room?”

He’s back with his awkward laughter again, “Yes, that would be appreciated.”

We are now in my living room, he say, looking at the picture on the wall,”Ah. I don’t know that you have a daughter.”

“That is the third mistake you did today.”

“Pardon me?”

“That’s not my daughter, the picture on the wall.”

“Ahh. I see.”

“The first mistake was insisting that I have a pet.”

He is back with his laughter, “So the third one that you have a daughter, eh? So what is my second mistake?”

“Well,” My mind is a bit wandering, how the hell that lunatic lady beside my room is hearing ‘certain disturbances.’ My mind is thinking about french and my landlord, about the girl far far away that her picture is hanged on my wall, what am I going to do after this, “Second one is entering this room. Your second mistake was entering this room.”


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