Suicide Letter

I thought it would be blue.
When the sky ripped into two,
All the sphere and bird and clouds, sucked into the damaging tantrum,
It is almost as if the sky crying,
I am staring at that.
All the fusion and crash,
All the papers and pen around me,
I thought the world would be blue.

I’ve always hated the white paper,
For it not understanding how hard to write a starting letter on it.
And writing on it is getting harder that it would be my last letter :
‘Dear Mother,’
I throw all the papers to the grounds with all of its twin, I could not even left her the last message.
Dear Mother,
I still can’t do it that I crush the paper again, throwing it on the floor again.
I’m crying now all hands holding my head and feeling its pulsation.
The frustration dwelling in this loser made me scream a voiceless anger.
It is as if the world ain’t letting me win, not even winning over something as small as writing a letter.
I’m a loser I’m a loser I’m a loser I’m a loser a lot much loser I’m a loser I’m a loser
And I tried to overcome my last challenge. I’m a loser. The world is so vast and too much hardship in it. I cried a lot, I burn a lot, I curse a lot too and finally I got to only override on last quest, I’m writing it in sorrow, in anger of despair. I’m thinking it in my deepest thinking,I’m swearing in my rudest word, I’m writing my suicide letter.


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