Month: July 2017

A Change in the Habit

I lost my voice when you stand there.
It was easy to lose rationality with you facing the curtain,
Cleaving the dust and the light,
Sending the moon into silence,
All the anthem of the table, chair and world
became the most calming,
And I fell asleep like that.

I lost my heart as I left,
As you left,

It was easily shattered and the pieces stopped in momentum,
Shamelessly freeze altough it was still up in the air.

All the pieces,

All the crowds and all the eyes that were not yours,

And I fell like that.

Setting Back My Hours

I walk past horizon, looking down, looking red, weirdly the path collided with you.
I dip bit of my life into yours,
I thought time stopped and blows.
I thought my eyes meant to stare yours.
But then I hear the time, it’s rapidly ticking.

And we both daringly steals seconds, hours,

And it means wrath for the clock,
What can I do but to set back my hours.
Normal, never blowing times.
I can run from your time, long long away from mine, convincing myself we’re not from the same age,
Normal, but never with you in it.