Hello this is Sin Renter writing 🙂

I don’t know what to write. I think I’m just going to type random things that pop in my head but I really have no idea what to pop that I am laughing now. Okay I’m not funny. My not funny tendency I balance by my not-swearing-(much)-tendency. I grew in a polite country where all the people have ‘rude-phobia.’ Women don’t curse there. But you might find a lot of cursing in my writing. My writings aren’t me. I need to underline that, as you might find weird personalities there. In reality I must say I’m quiet compassionate both to humanity and animals. I involved in humanity organizations and a vegan myself.

Fact above doesn’t mean I am pure. I am the most pervert twisted thinker in my area. I like GAY P*RN gosh I love that too much. And for emergency cases, I have rigid lists on what I’ll do if I turn be a man for a day.

Fact above involved my Bro. Bro is so kind and involved me in so many activities. Including watching psychological thriller movie. I watched silence of the lambs with him when I was six. Since then bro and I watched a lot of psychological thirller movie and I learned cannibalism, transgender, psychopathy, necromancy, phobia, diseases, viruses, ism things like that since my early age.

Fact above linked to I want to write something like Hannibal. Yes, some old forgotten part of mine used to want to be a writer, and why can’t I? At least trying is fabulous.

Lastly, I’m thanking you for hanging around this blog.

Lol – lots of love

Sin Renter


28 thoughts on “About

  1. You live in Indonesia? I lived in Indonesia on my sailboat from November 2013 to July 2014; I spent most of the time in Serangan Harbor, Bali, from February to July 2014. I loved Indonesia, the cultural diversity, the swarm of color and people, especially in Bali. I found it to be a very lively and vibrant place.


    1. It’s actually an exciting challenge, but well, I find my 2016 mood kinda dissappear now that it’s February. Too bad my that my mood told me not to do it, but thank you! Really hope I’ll see you on another exciting challenge. Hope you the best day every now and ever!! Ps. I’ve been offline here so long that I feel a bit strange that your picture changed :’D

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      1. Ha ha, same here! It took a lot out of me to do it but I enjoyed seeing the finished product. 🙂 I hope so as well. I hope you have a wonderful day/night as well. (I’ve changed it a few times in the past two months. The new set up and picture surprises me as well.)


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