Category: my kind of ROMANCE

In World

I curl as I see your eyes behind my eyelid,
Making as if you’re next to me to hold.
I shake my head as I think you’re in front of me, your nose nudging me,
As I went to those lips,
Those lips that I’ve in my mind each day, since that day when you cruelly curse me with your touch,
When you cast me into the spell of your chest,
And those whispering in my ears really talking about you only.
And we might part one day.
You might gone one day.
Thus I long to hug you
To hug the body that’s been on my mind,
The one that breath your lungs,
One long hug that end up either with eternity
or simply just thankful feeling.


Kiss on the Rubmle

It’s like the time when you try to look back, when your body ache,
The time when you miss a step,
Like the time when you think it meant for your palms, while it’s never meant to be.
As I stand to put all my weight to you,
The most close to your ears when I whisper I love you,
I can feel it falling apart.
That our world falling apart,
And our hands steadily stay still,
Our eyes looking ill,
Your lips feeling numb,
And it’s the time when you grab my head.
Stealing my kiss as everything blowing apart.

Last Eternity

You and I lives in eternity.
Souls knocking on our door and you hold me warm.
You were meant to steal their breeze,
Turning me hot with your warm pores.
You and I lives in the last galaxy,
Where I read into your eyes when the air refusing to send our voice for the night,
And I tried to scream how much I miss our home.
You hold me and you drag me and you kiss me and you tie me,
You hold me and you bite me,
How much we miss our home.
Somewhere, someplace as they call nothingness.
And I tie my body to yours,
Marking your skin with mine,
Carving you with my mark.

Encounter in the Cold

I wish she’ll left her tumblr. Or her pencil case. Or her pen : anything that allows me to chase her, talk to her. I think I saw our future as she glance into me. I’m a foolish man when it’s about dream. I talk to her in my dream, I ask for her name in the dream. I make her laugh, I make her look into me. I walk with her to the door, out to the crosswalk and cold concrete, in cold rain where we started to hold our hand dearly warm. She gives me that glance again, and I know this is the right time to warm her cold lips. As I smile to her, I look back into that glance, I put my hand on her plump cheek and I kiss her. I kiss her and there only be happy ending for us. I’m a foolish man when it’s about dream.

A Smooch from the Devil

I look up to your figure,
Sending the chills,
So beautiful,
Then you caught me between your hands.

I have no choice but to hold your palms,
Cause the maze I’m seeing in your eyes gonna send me insane.

I’m in complete awe for you,
And you suffocate me with your kisses,
Clawing me with your nails,
You’re a devil,
And you grab my head to suck my soul off my lips.
You kiss me hard hard I can’t even differ night and days,
I’m in endless ectasy,
You pin me hurtful, shoulder up in my head, smothering me, ending my breath,
I’d die happily.
You burn my skin with your mark,
And I carve you precious.
And I call you the Devil between my whisper,
And I flee from your burning skin,
And I still find my way to you.

I Should Be Talking to Nothing

I’m with myself.
Sun has gone for so long, only leaving traces of darkness to emit till the corner of this room,
My eyes reflecting the imagination of yours.
I caress the dark air yet I convince myself that this is your hot body,
Rigid and heavy,
Unmistakably melt in my touch.

I’m only with myself,
I’m with the voice of nothingness.
Also the melancholy of your unreal words whispering and capturing myself in unshakable net,
I acknowledge there is really no way out,
I can’t escape even through the door,
You got me all trapped, wicked witch,
Tricking me into falling into the dimension of you.
Ensuring me that it was you both in light and dark,
Both in noise and silence,
Both in mind and reality.

Pendulum of My Wings

I wish I’m a kite, I think I can fly far far away like a bird with my hands as my wings, I hope to divide the breeze like a mad parachute.
The world’s carved in my body and it’s a majestic tattoo on my skin.
I feel calmness in this, remembrance of shooting feeling, like pair of eyes facing the galaxy.
I expand my wings when it is only the sound of the pendulum. I fly a bit when you whisper my name to my neck,
I touch the world like I would to fragile glasses.
I touch my skin like I would to your vulnerable lips.
And I find my body gently shaking the world :
I fly to sense the breeze of the world.
I fly in short moment like that sound of the pendulum,
calm like mad parachute to your vulnerable lips.