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Instinct, Part 7 : A Dog Named Ogue

I’ve been practically living in this motel for a while. Funny, how a 32 years old man decided to ran away from house.

She has never think about the cheap smell on my motel, she will come almost every night to my motel. Some of the night, if we’re not that tired yet, we’re gonna hit the chair and we’ll be talking about atom, superhero until Elon Musk under influence of alcohol.

This night is that some of night.

“I have a dog,” I tell the wicked bitch. “A shiba inu. A fat one, my dog is.”

“Where is your dog now?”

“House.” I stopped blinking, I think thinking my house is still painful.

“I like dogs. Bring that one for me to see.”


“Really?” she is raising her eyebrows, smiling wickedly, “Then we won’t have fun till you bring your dog.”

“Sorry, miss?”

“Don’t you think that’ll be fun?”

“What will?”
“The dog.”

“Ha. I won’t come back to my house and bring Ogue here just because you tell me to.”

Here comes her irrational giggles, she snog me and says, “Ogue? Cute name.” She whisper to me, “I. Want. To see it.” She is snogging me again, and leaving me there, drunk and confused.
I think she is not joking, it has been two weeks yet she hasn’t come. She left because she wanted to see a dog.


Instinct, Part 6 : You Are Wrong

Talking about the Obvious

A shoe is dirt, red shoe means elegance.

Legs means hairy, long legs belongs to a well-faced lady.

Living in the world where you’re free to love

The way world wants you to,

‘Have you fulfilled the requirement to be loved?’


I used to think I’ll have one grabbed tightly on my hands

I thought the world would stopped being ugly,

‘Mom, can I love that boy?’

‘Mom, can I love that?’

‘Mom, can I love?’

Look at that beautiful freak over there,

She is mental.

She does satanic deed,


Boy can I tell you how save your bleeding is

Or rather would you bite my lips.

She goes around and beating and getting beaten.’

I also think bird is something free.

You’re not a woman if you’re not able to cook.


The happy lost woman,

What I want is love and blood

“He surely loved her,

he was willing to bleed for her


Sorry beautiful fallen maiden,

I can’t stay any longer,”
“Bear me a little longer,

“I really can’t stay,”

Once I find him,



Instinct, Part 5 : Cheap Chopstick

“What are we?” I asked her.

She took her time to put her socks on and guessing, “Narcotic, I guess. Some kind of healthy meth.”

I snorted two seconds of scoff and I nodded, “Yeah, you’re right.”

She was fully dressed.

“I heard about what broke you. Pretty cheap gossip, though I loved to hear it.”
Anything didn’t feel funny for me that time.

“I heard that you had a boy.”

I was feeling so cold that second. I was even afraid that my heart wasn’t beating.

“Sorry that he died-“

I punched her a slap.

Her hair covered her face, her long neck seemed so meaningless,

Her body is on the floor and I was standing, unable to breathe.

Her lips bleeds, yet she laughed and she kissed me.

I said to her, “You are insane, wicked woman, you are a bitch.”
She laughed and she kept sucking my tongue, I could taste metallic-tasted blood around her sucking.

I don’t know why, but that time I thought she was really fragile and thin.

I pushed her, I whispered to her,

“What ruined you?”

I almost thought she was showing a weak expression,

I thought she was feeling pain.

Yet, she persistently kissing me.