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I feel both like a thread and a bubble,

A thing readily pierced deeply with needle,

Also a frail creature to pop the air I try to fly.

I feel I’ll be walking in dark bottomless sea,

Yet I feel I’ll never stop to curl in blanket haven,

I’m everything I can feel when it’s about you,

I was in awe gazing mazes in your eyes,

My knees was shivering,

I was imagining your wide grin, trembling in my lips,

I was strangled inside,

I thought, you and I live in the same glass house,

I feel weak,

I reach to you as I wake up,

I’m lost.

I feel your hand in mine.


I’m scared over the probability of an untrue story.

I just wish to fold the deck,

I desperately wishing for untimely memories of you.


As She Is Leaning, Grabbing the Knife

I find blood dripping off her canine as the most fulfilling part of my life
Was it blindness,
Or simply a retarded euphoria,
That I’ll want to touch her nails.
As I find her,
I simply feel like tying her down to my chest, as we’d share warmth and wrath.

And they started to a repeat an anthem that
She is filthy,
Unusual creature made from God’s anger,

I keep finding her as the main character of my story-
As she is leaning, grabbing the knife.

As if my hand being crushed by a warm wave, filled with her joy.

As she is leaning, holding the knife,
As I breathe the last air I breath
As she is leaning, stabbing my dreams, sprawling over my useful want,

I feel like all my sadness just vaporated.

She’s there for all that mattered,
As she is crushing every bit of my vein,
As she mercifully stepping on my head, my thinking :
I find blood dripping her canine as the most fulfilling part of my life.

Alien Above

There is an alien above,
I can’t stop thinking that he’s so similar with me.
I pretend not to feel the burnt on my back,
He always looking at me with such passionate gaze.
I sing anything beautiful, I draw thousands of galaxy, I breath, I think and I fall asleep,

Mildly wishing that he’ll catch me on his mind.

Yet words can never be uttered
Ear to ear,
Never contact eyes to eyes,
Wildy lusting touch and touch
And heat and heat
And palm to palm
And I think it is too far,

Too hopeful.

Instinct, Part 5 : Cheap Chopstick

“What are we?” I asked her.

She took her time to put her socks on and guessing, “Narcotic, I guess. Some kind of healthy meth.”

I snorted two seconds of scoff and I nodded, “Yeah, you’re right.”

She was fully dressed.

“I heard about what broke you. Pretty cheap gossip, though I loved to hear it.”
Anything didn’t feel funny for me that time.

“I heard that you had a boy.”

I was feeling so cold that second. I was even afraid that my heart wasn’t beating.

“Sorry that he died-“

I punched her a slap.

Her hair covered her face, her long neck seemed so meaningless,

Her body is on the floor and I was standing, unable to breathe.

Her lips bleeds, yet she laughed and she kissed me.

I said to her, “You are insane, wicked woman, you are a bitch.”
She laughed and she kept sucking my tongue, I could taste metallic-tasted blood around her sucking.

I don’t know why, but that time I thought she was really fragile and thin.

I pushed her, I whispered to her,

“What ruined you?”

I almost thought she was showing a weak expression,

I thought she was feeling pain.

Yet, she persistently kissing me.