Talking With the Strongest Man

Look at that strongest man walking, look at how bony his hand is, look at how vigorous his toes is, look at me, the deadliest man.

Shut your thought, as I shatter every people’s cocky minds, shatter and destroy their limbs

Look at people bowing their weak head onto my impressive chest, mumbling how great I am.

So rowdy, that’s my daily life as the strongest man.

A blind girl challenge me a combat today, screaming his-beaten-by-me-father, today.

I laugh at the blind girl’s face, mocking how dark her vision is,

how black her hair is,

then she tries to slap my shoulder, I don’t even try to dodge it,

Her weakness beyond any joke I can found.

Later she poke my other shoulder,

Our foot kick, shaping a cool X,

Flip our body, facing the vast sky.

Hand meet other hand,

Palm push other abdomen,

A good battle,

I win easily.

her open neck, I will broke her open neck,

her blind eyes look up to my face,

my moral kick in,

I didn’t do what I had to,

she stab my eyes.

Suddenly all my shoulder, my hand, foot feels like about to blow, she said, ‘I am the strongest.’

‘I am the master of blind combat,’

‘My suhu taught me how to be blind,’

‘You are a joke.’

Hand reaching her foot, swallowing my pride, ‘teach me be the strongest,’ begging her.


Rivalry Inside

We are the only walking things on this sphere,

Making vertical axis of our million steps.

We have been walking together, only we have an opposite direction

You are so white, ray of sun falling on you, shadow is something kneeling on your feet.

Protect your eyes, isn’t it really hard to have bright shine on something as white as yourself?

You are so dark.

We have never talk to each other, those once-in-years we accidentally met, we kept our eyes straight,

How about  we shouting each other’s name?

Or am I too black for you to call

Did you hate my existence already, only because I absorbs light to never shine around me?

You are too dark.

Isn’t it cruel to have me as something to hate,

I can always listen your whisper to the sphere,

‘don’t ignore that Black,’

‘you are too good to have that Black,’

watch my tears and know this already, my bitter action is something to make the Sphere stronger.

Please tell the Sphere to accept me already, tell it to not hysterical when I decides to appear

Please you look at my eyes that once-in-years we accidentally meet, hug me and let my body become one with you, accept me and we are going to be blend as Gray,

isn’t it tiring for your lover Sphere to hating me, a walking thing inside itself?

Folding My Body

I laugh after the joke, then

I turn round and turn my face into horrible,

A wound spreading its pain from my heart.

Been laughing to hide it

Walking with a stitched heart,

Buying a twister,

The cashier smiling but I know,

After she pick the coin I drop she

turn her face into horrible.

Walking with friends, laughing like crazy,

A moment we turn our back, turn our face into horrible,

The secret is our heart having a big scar.

I know the time we are turning

We are longing to fold our body.

Folding the knee to protect the chest

Folding our hand, tangle it to the legs

Praying time will stop or rewind

Thinking honestly about what we want,



be somebody else

Folding and protecting the little remain or our existence

Have You Ever Seen this Kind of Smile

Water was flown for a minute,

Another Water formed in happines,

such a beautiful moment.

the Water appeared five times a day,

a confusion blower,

but Another Water will not formed in sadness, it choosed to not appear.

Another Water tought the  confusion is a miracle from another world.

years flown, the Water never shown as main character anymore,

it was poor, missed but

the Water would suddenly appeared and stroke those awful feelings, saying,

“never worry about me.”

another years flown,  the Water is something judgemental,

the Water means weakness,

it was hated, but Another Water would always says, “You are my most beautiful.”

years, years years later

the Water becoming present,

now it is hiding in dignity

the Water never a symbol of shame anymore,

never a symbol of limpness anymore

the Water decides to meet Another Water, telling,

“Hey, thank you that you are strong,” or,

“Your existence only and I already owe you,” or,

“Your examples forever carved in me,”

“Lean on me from now,”

The tears now flown in grateful feeling,

years before such a maturing adventure for them,

None of you should ask about their loving feeling in them,

between the Daughter and The Mother.

White Flag Up

Seeing my parents get mad at each other,
Vase flying near my Mom’s ear,
Such a red colored face, belongs to my dad.
I laugh anyway.

I go out and step on a mud,
A no-lifer jackass pointing his finger,
I walk away and the ‘big kids’ come out.
They kick me, laughing at how ugly I am,
how stupid I am,
how I am being a disgrace,
Right when my crush passes.
I kick and run,
A big miracle if she say ‘Yes’ to me.

My city is corrupted.
Myself as the lamb, My City as the slaughterer.
I can’t buy a shoe and walk away,My money is not worth those much freedom
All I see only repetitive things,
Fights, jackass, bully, brokenhearted, A corrupt city,
But I laugh anyway.

Time heals, I don’t know when and where,
I’ll laugh anyway,
Why the hell am I not laughing from now.

Individuals I Find Agreeable

Human walking and their masks,
laughing and their waste,
You spot colors then distaste,
later Treatments
Us spot love(s) then disgust,
All hail our eyes,
The supreme ruler

Let us classify,
Human A and Human B,
Asshole A and Asshole B,
Oppose in only one condition,
You spot a thing making you soft,
An agreement.

Agreed with my brother,
A honest Man, got pissed when he have to, a little sister smashed him,
He smashed her back, a true honesty
None able judge him, as he listen to none judge,
A marvellous non-mask face he has.
Agreed with best mates,
Looting my foods,
A fact I am able to loot theirs,
Swearing and drawing each other’s faces
A true justice I agreed on,
Agreed with lover,
Both insist ‘no’ to many things,
A proof for next argument,
An activity we both enjoy

Then you come to me and disagree my agreement, pointing my color and brain, taste of orientation whatsoever
I come to you to not agree your agreement,
Look back to OUR classification,
Human A and Human B
Asshole A and Asshole B

Casualties of War

It is not my rotting body that feeling hurt, it is my heart which hoping to see just a glimpse of your hair.

Your dead body below me,
covered in dirty soil
5 meter distance between us,
I know you will definitely back.

They saw bullet peel your brain off,
You were screaming my name
What a pain to remember me,
they said on your ‘last moment,’
but I know you will definitely back.

Been a hundred years,
My potion keeping my soul to stay at my body,
Death is lesser pain.

I’ll wait, I’ll wait,
I’ll wait until you regain your live,
until you regain your body back,
Until your brain back to one perfect piece,
I’ll have so many potion to have a long live,
To have a long wait, to make sure one day I see you
Back being live again.

That time I’ll rant to you,
about me,
about you,
your promise to back to me alive,
about them,
The winner.