The Cheerful Morning

I’m in the nostalgic rhythm,
Where your lips on mine, when the sky reachable and cold, and where the stars stops to be the brightest.
I know where to touch you and I’m grinning so wide.
I keep keeping my finger on your skin.
You are real as I reach my hand into the dream,
Also feel the glow in the little dream I’ve always chasing.

And the world gonna wait for me,
The time gonna freeze to me,
I’ll still be tiny, later I’ll feel the biggest,
And I keep drowning myself into the airless room.
Where it is the light after my eyes,
When it is her I’ll be waking up to,
I’ll still be grinning ears to ears, waking up to you.


Rose Red Blood

Next to the sitting human bones,
Above the soil floor,
Lays beautifully the red red petals,
As red as the skin of your crying eyes.

Next to your hope and your wishful thinking,
Just below the stark full moon and its redness,
I saw her bath in those Red Rose Petals.
I told her, ‘come and join me for the dinner.’
She says, ‘I gotta keep throwing the petals,
All the petals,
All the redness, and I only got to stop when the bones turning into ashes,’
And she did.
She did not going to the dinner,
Keep throwing in the river of Red Rose Petal,
She keep looking enchanting between her cries,
And she burning the bones into ashes.

Sleep Paralysis

The curtains, it blown so hard by the wind outside, it was wrong of me to let the window open. I long to close it, yet somehow I was unable to move. I felt like my whole body being pinned. By something. By the lack of breath, I tried to move but I couldn’t. I tried to scream but I’m mute, I say my prayer inside my head, as I feel there’s something next to my neck, pushing so hard into my neck, wanting to be inside of my neck, wanting to be me. I say my prayer inside my head. I lost. I say my prayer inside my head, It got an inch into my neck, I suddenly heard his voice. His deep black voice, talking in a language I couldn’t understand, and I look into the door, into the black big figure with red eyes creepily watching at me. He thought I couldn’t see him. He thought he could own me. He was trying to observe me. As I say my prayer inside my head, I started to gain my body back. I fell back into another sleep. I woke up to the still curtains, to the perfectly locked window.

They Give Us a Knife

There’s a knife society prepare for us.

When we reach the capability of having an opinion, we have to cross the knife into our eyes, keep the stench in the shadow, have to be blind. Because it is taboo to say obesity is not healthy. And you have to support income equality. And you have to let people be banned because they don’t believe in your God. When you cry for you friend and his same sex lover, your eyes are too functional. You let people whine and blame others, you let people accuse the government in their hibernation. The knife have to pierce deep into your retina. The blinder you are, the better.

Hide and Seek

Little Jimmy grinning ear to ear, grabbing his dad’s shirt. His Dad almost dropped his half-eaten hot dog, forcefully laughing along with his boy’s eagerness. “Daddy, let’s play hide and seek!”

“I’ll hide first and you have to find me!”

“If you lose, Daddy, you have to let me watch the TV more!”

The summer spirit and the freshly cut grass made it impossible to not playing the little game, The Dad stands below the tree, laughing as he yelled his count.



A cheating hundred has passed,

And The Dad started looking for his boy. Circling around the backyard, a little laughter, and a threat on no Ice Cream Summer. Just the sky getting redder, darker, and he still couldn’t find Jimmy. His shirt sweats and he almost lost his voice. The house, the road, the neighbor, the dog, the TV, everything Jimmy would hide nearby all checked.  The Dad run over the tree again, madness in his eyes, pretending it was all a game, yelled his counting. Pretending to admit his worry as defeat, letting Jimmy to have more of the TV, begging for Jimmy to come back.

Which he might did.

At least the voice inside the tree sounds somewhat like Jimmy. “Daddy, let’s play hide and seek.”


I feel both like a thread and a bubble,

A thing readily pierced deeply with needle,

Also a frail creature to pop the air I try to fly.

I feel I’ll be walking in dark bottomless sea,

Yet I feel I’ll never stop to curl in blanket haven,

I’m everything I can feel when it’s about you,

I was in awe gazing mazes in your eyes,

My knees was shivering,

I was imagining your wide grin, trembling in my lips,

I was strangled inside,

I thought, you and I live in the same glass house,

I feel weak,

I reach to you as I wake up,

I’m lost.

I feel your hand in mine.


I’m scared over the probability of an untrue story.

I just wish to fold the deck,

I desperately wishing for untimely memories of you.

Once I Took the World

I want a life like yours.
Tall that you can view the world from high above,
Knowing exactly which horizon to walk on.
I want a life like yours,
Pretty that diamonds and ruby fall meaningless around you,
And your eyes means prosperity.
I need a life like yours,
You’re one to trust when every soil, every ocean shake into destruction,
I want a live like you so I took it from you.
I want a heart like yours so I rip it out of your rib.
I want to warmth like yours, so I stole it all, I ruin it all for you.