Month: December 2015


I want words to be alive.
They’ll form a wrecked body,
As black as ink,
As dark as a murder,
As painful as a writhing sound of a dying piano.

And something as bright as a white future comes, as lucid as something intangible.

And words turning into a powerful totem,

As blinding as galaxy,
As sacred as a white veil,
As mesmerizing as a mystical creature.


Another Nightmare

The fortress I saw in my dream has two hallways.

The first hallway ended on a square reddish room,
The second hallway was too long, I can’t peek what inside it,
All I knew, those hallways emitting a bad aura.

And there was a game.
There were two seperated groups, and I couldn’t feel nothing but terrified.
I asked the game’s moderator,
“can I not join this game?”
I asked that because I knew if I join the game, I would be dead.

The game started and I knew that’ll be the end of me,

Just right when I believed I’ll be a part of two dead groups, I suddenly stand outside the fortress.

I was with a man, young man, I didn’t know who was he but he pointed the smallest part of the fortress and said,
“Look, someone is dead.”

I didn’t feel a thing when I saw a dead human, I was examining that body and a man and a woman was coming, running, screaming,

“Someone is dead.”

The funny thing was the whole place covered by dead bodies. Every high places has dead bodies below it, everyone was jumping, killing themselves.

And there was a man threatening to jump, I ran and followed him, the young man beside me was gone, I ran desperately, trying to reach the man before he jumped, I was beside the fortress, there was a net, and I entered the scariest part of my dream.

I was back seeing the fortress with its two hallways, I was back to into the two groups and I have to play a deadly game, I knew every part of my dream is going to looping, repeating all over again.