I want words to be alive.
They’ll form a wrecked body,
As black as ink,
As dark as a murder,
As painful as a writhing sound of a dying piano.

And something as bright as a white future comes, as lucid as something intangible.

And words turning into a powerful totem,

As blinding as galaxy,
As sacred as a white veil,
As mesmerizing as a mystical creature.


15 thoughts on “Wordly

  1. // so you are obviously a beautiful poet // that would make you a beautiful person // i like your blog // so please keep writing and keep being a beautiful person // thank you xz

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  2. If the word “good food” came to life, I have the feeling it would be obnoxiously ironic and taste horrible.

    That thought aside, I loved the poem and love that it made me think about how the word “good food” would taste, though I doubt that was your intention!


    1. whoa that kind of mind blowing, some words actually felt pretty just because they’re longer or just because its figure of speech. it’d be useless if they came to life, but well I was talking about mood and romantic things we utter when we felt good or those awful jinx we curse when we felt awful lol.


  3. You create a journey and stress the power of words. Darkness found light within a sentence. If only societies darkness could find light in few syllables. Thank you for the journey. Thank you for your art.


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